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OMG! 62 spoons removed from 35-year-old man’s stomach

    Sagaya Fernando Mumbai: 28 September 2022     In a bizarre case, doctors in India surgically removed 62 spoons from the stomach and one spoon lodged in the intestine of a patient.   The patient named Vijay was brought to Evan Hospital in Muzaffarnagar city of Uttar Pradesh, India, in the second week of September by his family members claiming that he had eaten a steel spoon.   “The patient did not complain of any abdominal pain, but I conducted an examination of his stomach and came to the conclusion that some foreign objects are lodged in his stomach,” said surgeon Dr Rakesh Khurana who conducted the surgery.   The doctor asked the patient to undergo an X-ray examination and was aghast to discover multiple spoons lodged in the patient’s stomach and one in the intestine.   “On being asked, the patient admitted that he had been ingesting spoons for the past one year,” said Dr Khurana.   Sensing the seriousness of the case, the patient was asked to undergo surgery at the earliest.  
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7228 gallstones removed by laparoscopy from 43-year-old-woman

7228 gallstones removed by laparoscopy from 43-year-old-woman It took just 45 minutes for the laparoscopic surgery, but 4 hours to count the over 7200 gallbladder stones SAGAYA FERNANDO Mumbai: 23 September 2022 A 43-year-old woman having repeated attacks of pain in the abdomen was successfully treated recently for 7228 gall bladder stones by laparoscopic surgery at a hospital near Mumbai, India. She is a well educated lady residing in Mira Road in the outskirts of Mumbai and was treated by Dr Bimal C Shah, a senior laparoscopic surgeon at Bhaktivedanta Hospital in Mira Road. The patient, a self employed professional, had been suffering from abdominal pains for the past couple of years. On August 17, 2022, she decided to approach Dr Shah for treatment. In normal circumstances, between two to 100 gallstones are removed during a surgery. But, 7228 gallstones is certainly rare. The gallstones ranged from 2 millimetres to 5 millimeters in size. “The entire gallbladder packed with so many s

Thief hangs on to dear life on running train

Sumesh Rajan Mumbai:-   The thief's plan to flick a mobile phone through the window failed after an alert passenger grabbed his arm. In a horrifying ordeal for any thief, a man trying to snatch a mobile phone from a train passenger through the train window was left hanging for his dear life outside the running train for almost 12 kilometers.    The incident too place in the state of Bihar, India, on September 14.   The video has now gone viral on social media.   The thief hanging for his life is seen profusely apologi z ing, as passengers hold on tightly to his arms in, keeping  him from falling off. The passengers are also seen scolding him.   T he train was nearing the end of its journey from Begusarai junction to Khagaria junction when the thief made  an attempt to steal near Sahebpur Kamal station.   However, his plan failed after an alert passenger grabbed his arm tightly leading to his nightmare ordeal .    The thief has been identified as Panjak Kumar.   For o

Mother kidnaps daughter along with friend’s daughter to extort money

  SUMESH RAJAN Mumbai: 13 September 2022     A mother staged the kidnapping of her own daughter and her friend’s daughter to extort money from the unsuspecting parents, but developed cold feet midway after the police began investigations, and left off the children near her dhaba (roadside food joint). This incident took place at Ekta Enclave under the jurisdiction of Bhondsi police station in the outskirts of Gurugram city in Haryana, India. The accused woman identified as Rinki Tiwari (35) had borrowed Rs 26 lakh from the friend and in order to pay it back, decided to allegedly kidnap the nine-year-old daughter of her friend and demand Rs 50 lakh ransom. Tiwari runs the dhaba near Hero Honda Chowk and her husband is a street vendor. The couple also own a car which they have attached to a cab aggregator, say the police . “ On September 9, the friend’s family had organized a kirtan ( religious function ) at their house. Exploiting this opportunity, Rinki roped in Sagar (28

17 year old battles for life after being raped and set on fire

Sumesh Rajan Mumbai, September 12, 2022     A 1 7 -year-old girl was allegedly gang-raped and set on fire by two men in her village under Madhotanda police station limits in the Pilibhit district of Uttar Pradesh, India . The victim, with severe burn injuries, is currently battling for her life in a hospital in the state capital Lucknow. The incident took place inside her house in the village at around 2.30 pm on September 7 when she was alone . However, t he incident came to light when a video, wherein the victim is narrating her ordeal, went viral on September 10 . T he critically injured girl, suffering from 80 percent burn injuries, after regain ing consciousness on September 10 is seen narrat ing her ordeal to her father at the district hospital in Pilibhit . On the day of the incident, when the girl’s father returned from his farm, he found her in an unconscious and severely burnt state. During this time, the girl’s mother had been away and was staying with her paren