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Doctors save man pierced in a freak accident by 5-feet long rod through the neck

    Sagaya Fernando Mumbai: 6 November 22   A team of doctors at Apollo Multispecialty hospital in Triuchirappalli, Tamil Nadu, India, saved the life of a 33-years-old man whose neck was pierced through by a feet long iron rod.   Karthikeyan, a resident of Ariyamangalam in the city, was watering the concrete slabs on the first floor of his under-construction house when he accidentally slipped and fell 15 to 20 feet down, on October 15. As he fell, a 5 feet long iron rod with serrated edges pierced through his neck and came out from the back.   “Within fifteen minutes of the mishap, his relatives rushed him to our hospital which is in close vicinity,” informed Apollo Multispecialty Hospital, Triuchirappalli, Consultant General, Laparoscopic and Bariatric Surgeon Dr Mohamed Mansoor, who led the operating team.   “On evaluation in emergency, it was seen that he had a 5 feet long iron rod penetrating into the anterior aspect of neck and exiting the posterior aspect of neck.
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Obese man gets a breather after doctors remove 28 kgs ‘overhanging belly’

    Sumesh Rajan Mumbai: 5 November 2022   A 53-year-old man, hotelier by profession at Pune, India, was suffering from morbid obesity for the last 15 years. Scared of surgery as many people told him that it would be of high risk he hesitated to take medical help. But, as his condition worsened by the day as his movements got restricted, he finally decided to see a doctor.   “He was advised to have bariatric surgery but he was not willing for it initially as he did not want to curb his eating habits. Things went from bad to worse and he became a whopping 185 kgs. His movement got very restricted inside his house, and finally to just a room, and it was very difficult for him to maintain even hygiene,” said microvascular and plastic surgeon Dr Abhishek Ghosh, who finally conducted the surgery to get the man’s ‘overhanging belly’ removed.   Six months ago, the patient approached bariatric surgeon Dr Jayashree Todkar but after investigations he was found to be unfit for bariatric surgery.

Rarest ‘Fetus in Fetu’ case: 8 undeveloped fetuses removed from 21-days-old baby

  Sumesh Rajan Mumbai: 4 November 2022   In what is believed to be the world’s rarest ‘fetus in fetu’ case, eight undeveloped fetuses were removed from the abdomen of a 21-days-old infant by surgeons at Rani Children’s Hospital in Ranchi city, Jharkhand state, India.   The baby girl was born to Seema Kumari of Ramgarh on October 10. The infant’s abdomen was bloated, and the doctors there suspected it to be a tumour. She was then referred to Rani Children’s Hospital, located 50 kms away, for better treatment.   “The initial findings of the CT Scan of the baby suggested ‘a large well-defined cystic mass lesion with multiple thick septation within it seen in the peritoneal cavity extending from the left subdiaphragmatic area, pushing and compressing the stomach extending inferiorly till the lower abdomen level’ and ‘dense calcification or ossification seen within the cystic lesion’,” said Pediatric Surgeon Dr. Mohammed Imran of Rani Hospital who performed the surgery on the baby on Novemb

Man’s foot crushed horribly in accident saved by doctors

Sumesh Rajan Mumbai: 26 October 2022   35-year-old Basudev Bandhopadhyay of Undri in Pune, India, on July 16 was riding a motorbike with his wife in the pillion, back home at around 10 am after meeting his friend at Pisoli around 5 kms away, when a truck collided into his bike from behind. The accident was so forceful that the motorbike that they were riding tumbled and both of them fell off on to the road. While, Basudev’s wife escaped with minor injuries, his left leg got entangled in the wheel of the truck and he along with the bike was dragged for around 50 feet.   “My left leg was completely crushed and the muscles were torn apart leading to a lot of bleeding. My wife immediately called my friend, who rushed me to Ruby Hall Clinic at Wanowrie (around 5 kms away). Though there were only two minor fractures one at the ankle and another at the patella, there was massive blood, muscle and skin loss. The first thought of the attending doctors was to amputate my leg. I felt comp

Surgeon saves 8-year-old girl pierced by iron rod through neck

    Sumesh Rajan Mumbai: 2 5  October 2022   Doctors at the government run District Hospital at Motipur in Kheri district of Uttar Pradesh, India won the praise of senior doctors and grateful family members when they removed a 3-foot-long iron rod that pierced through the lower jaw of an 8-year-old girl on October 4.   A medical team led by Dr Rajkumar Koli removed the rod without affecting the 8-year-old girl’s nerves and blood vessels to the brain.   Dr. Koli said that it was such a sensitive and delicate surgery that even a minor flaw could have turned dangerous for the child.   Taiba, who lives in Bhulanpur village, while playing with other children at an unde , r-construction building , accidentally fell on a protruding metal rod of a pillar. The road pierced through her lower jaw and came out of the mouth. The other children informed her family members, who rushed to the spot, cut a portion of the rod and rushed her to the nearest district hospital located 15 kilometer

OMG! 62 spoons removed from 35-year-old man’s stomach

    Sagaya Fernando Mumbai: 28 September 2022     In a bizarre case, doctors in India surgically removed 62 spoons from the stomach and one spoon lodged in the intestine of a patient.   The patient named Vijay was brought to Evan Hospital in Muzaffarnagar city of Uttar Pradesh, India, in the second week of September by his family members claiming that he had eaten a steel spoon.   “The patient did not complain of any abdominal pain, but I conducted an examination of his stomach and came to the conclusion that some foreign objects are lodged in his stomach,” said surgeon Dr Rakesh Khurana who conducted the surgery.   The doctor asked the patient to undergo an X-ray examination and was aghast to discover multiple spoons lodged in the patient’s stomach and one in the intestine.   “On being asked, the patient admitted that he had been ingesting spoons for the past one year,” said Dr Khurana.   Sensing the seriousness of the case, the patient was asked to undergo surgery at the earliest.  

7228 gallstones removed by laparoscopy from 43-year-old-woman

7228 gallstones removed by laparoscopy from 43-year-old-woman It took just 45 minutes for the laparoscopic surgery, but 4 hours to count the over 7200 gallbladder stones SAGAYA FERNANDO Mumbai: 23 September 2022 A 43-year-old woman having repeated attacks of pain in the abdomen was successfully treated recently for 7228 gall bladder stones by laparoscopic surgery at a hospital near Mumbai, India. She is a well educated lady residing in Mira Road in the outskirts of Mumbai and was treated by Dr Bimal C Shah, a senior laparoscopic surgeon at Bhaktivedanta Hospital in Mira Road. The patient, a self employed professional, had been suffering from abdominal pains for the past couple of years. On August 17, 2022, she decided to approach Dr Shah for treatment. In normal circumstances, between two to 100 gallstones are removed during a surgery. But, 7228 gallstones is certainly rare. The gallstones ranged from 2 millimetres to 5 millimeters in size. “The entire gallbladder packed with so many s