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Trying to avoid hitting a cow, ambulance meets with accident

Trying to avoid hitting a cow, ambulance meets with accident Sumesh Rajan July 23 2022   An attempt by the ambulance driver to avoid hitting a cow lying in the middle of the road led to an accident at Shiroor toll plaza in Karnataka state of India on July 20, killing four people. CCTVs at the toll plaza captured the entire unfortunate event. The visuals show two toll gate attendants rushing to the emergency lane -- one to clear the barriers placed on the middle of the road, while another tries to shoo the cow. However, the ambulance speeds in and as the driver tries to avoid hitting the cow, it skids off the wet road before ramming into the toll booth. Three people are thrown out of the vehicle due to the impact of the crash, while the cow miraculously escapes and walks away safely from the accident scene. The ambulance driver, Roshan Rodrigues, who sustained injuries, told media persons: “There were emergency gates for vehicles (such as ambulances) and as I came across, the staff were

Vacation turns tragic

Vacation turns tragic

Sagaya Fernando
July 17 2022

In an unfortunate incident, three members of an Indian expatriate family living in Dubai got swept away off the coast of Salah al-Mughsail in Oman while on vacation on July 10.

The three members of the Sangli family were among five feared drowned at Al Mughsail beach in the Al Mughsail area of Dhofar Governorate in Oman while three others were rescued by locals there, according to Oman media reports.

Shashikant Mhamane (42), his wife Sarika and their children Shruti (9) and Shreyas (6), lived in Dubai where Shashikant worked as a sales manager in a firm. They were in neighbouring Oman on Sunday for a day-long trip during the Eid holidays.

A video doing the rounds on social media shows three young people posing on the rocky shores of Al Mughsail beach for photographs despite the stormy waves. Soon, as the waves land they lose their balance and fall on to the rocks. While one woman was seen being pulled away by a man, others were being washed away as they cried for help. One man is seen rushing to help but the two children are washed by the swift waves.

The jaw-dropping moment caught on camera has taken social media by storm, triggering debates on valuing life more than “likes”.

The Mhamane family originally hails from Sangli in Maharashtra state of India.


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