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Leopard hunting pet dog in residential area in India

Caught on cam: Leopard hunting pet dog in residential area in India

Sagaya Fernando

Mumbai: 19 September 2018

With jungle spaces getting reduced, wild animals are coming to human settlements looking for easy prey. One such incident, in which a leopard scaled a wall of a house at Aravenu village near Kotagiri – a hill station in Tamil Nadu, India, and grabbed a pet dog before going back into the jungle nearby, has been caught on camera.

The incident took place on September 15 at the house of a Tamil Nadu State Highways Department Assistant Engineer located on the Halakkarai Road close to the forest.

The dog was last heard barking on September 15 night after which it was not to be seen. Worried about its whereabouts, the officer started to go through the video footage from the closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras installed in his house. It was then that the disquieting truth got revealed.

The footage shows the pet dog running on the side passage of the house at around 10 pm and the wildcat stealthily following it. A minute later the dog is standing guard at the entrance gate of the house when a frightened cat scurries away in a hurry. Within a few seconds, sensing danger the dog tries to hide beneath the car parked on the porch, but the leopard sprints behind it and catches it. The wildcat then clutches the dog by its throat and exits through the building’s railings into the nearby jungle.

Residents in and around Kotagiri complain that bears, leopards, and wild boars have been straying into their homes from a nearby forest looking for food.
“Of late, wild animals from the jungles nearby straying into residential areas are becoming regular,” says Aravenu resident Balu Santhi who runs a catering business in the town.

Wildlife activists say that humans have encroached on forest land to expand tea gardens or build resorts and homes shrinking the space for wildlife which is forcing the animals to wander into human settlements in search of prey.


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