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OMG! 62 spoons removed from 35-year-old man’s stomach

    Sagaya Fernando Mumbai: 28 September 2022     In a bizarre case, doctors in India surgically removed 62 spoons from the stomach and one spoon lodged in the intestine of a patient.   The patient named Vijay was brought to Evan Hospital in Muzaffarnagar city of Uttar Pradesh, India, in the second week of September by his family members claiming that he had eaten a steel spoon.   “The patient did not complain of any abdominal pain, but I conducted an examination of his stomach and came to the conclusion that some foreign objects are lodged in his stomach,” said surgeon Dr Rakesh Khurana who conducted the surgery.   The doctor asked the patient to undergo an X-ray examination and was aghast to discover multiple spoons lodged in the patient’s stomach and one in the intestine.   “On being asked, the patient admitted that he had been ingesting spoons for the past one year,” said Dr Khurana.   Sensing the seriousness of the case, the patient was asked to undergo surgery at the earliest.  

Dog clashes with Cobra to save its litter

Dog clashes with Cobra to save its litter

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Sumesh Rajan

Mumbai: 19 September 2018

The Parida family of Satabhauni Bazaar in the outskirts of Bhadrak city of Odisha, India, became apprehensive when their pet dog, which had given birth to a litter of eight puppies only a couple of days ago, started barking incessantly on September 17 late evening.

The dog had its litter tucked away under the entrance staircase of the house. On checking the cause for the non-stop barking, Bijay Parida, the house owner found that a Spectacled Cobra – one of the most venomous snakes in the world – had preyed upon one of the pups, and the mother dog was barking loudly and clashing with the cobra to save the rest of her brood.

“I received a call from Parida at about 7.45 pm saying that his pet dog and its family were being attacked by a cobra. It took about half an hour for me to reach the spot. By the time I reached there, the Cobra had already killed four of the puppies,” said snake rescuer Mirza Mohammed Arif, who claims to have rescued over 12,900 snakes in the last 15 years of his rescue mission.

“The mother dog was very much agitated on seeing her babies killed by the snake and was barking madly all the while trying to stave off the cobra from killing the other pups. Being ensconced under the staircase, I was finding it difficult to rescue the snake straight away. I had to literally go down on my knees to catch the snake and was worried that it could strike me at any time. Even as I caught it by its tail and was pulling it out, the agitated dog would try to bite the snake and the snake would raise its hood and attack the dog. I was worried that in this clash, either the dog or the snake would turn on me. But somehow, I managed to pull out the snake, and bottled it up. The whole operation took about half an hour,” said Arif, adding that the snake was released in the wild later.

“Once our pet dog, which had given birth to eight puppies only two days ago, started barking wildly, we realized that something was wrong. When we checked the place beneath the staircase on the outside of the house when she had her litter, we saw a Cobra attacking the pups and called Arif to catch the snake. Four puppies were killed by the snake, and though the snake also tried to attack the mother dog, it was unharmed and is safe with the rest of her pups,” said Parida. 


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