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Lesson from Kerala floods : Human activities, climate change has disastrous effects on environment

  Lesson from Kerala floods : Human activities, climate change has disastrous effects on environment   Sagaya Fernando Mumbai: 19 October 2021   Overexploitation of natural resources and haphazard development by humans has led to climate change, resulting in long-lasting consequences on the environment. This is increasing health hazards and natural disasters, and more, day by day. The torrential flooding being witnessed recently in the state of Kerala in India is a prime example of this, say many experts.   This is not the first time that Kerala, a state of 34 million people, has been devastated by floods. It saw the worst floods in a century in 2018 when severe rains caused flash floods and landslides, killing nearly 500 people and leaving a million homeless. The following year, more than 125 people were killed in flash floods and landslides across the state. More than 50 were killed in August last year after landslides struck the hilly Munnar region.   The latest spell of torrential

Indian doctors save Omani lad from sure death

In a rare adrenal surgery held at KIMS Hospital, kidney sized tumours are removed from 12-year-old.

Story by Sagaya Fernando

Kochi: February 24, 2018

Twelve-year-old Said Ahmad Said Al Hadidi of Oman 

Twelve-year-old Said Ahmad Said Al Hadidi of Oman was in severe distress with hypertension and resultant cardiac problem. Suffering from high blood pressure at a very young age, his condition was very precarious. On evaluation, he was found to have large tumours of adrenal gland on both sides. The sudden increase in BP due to these tumours could lead to heart attack, stroke and sudden death, diagnosed the doctors.

It is rare in children to have these tumours called Pheochromocytoma and that too very rare on both sides, says Laparoscopic Surgeon Dr R Padmakumar who conducted the surgery on Said at KIMS Hospital in Kochi, in the south Indian state of Kerala.

What’s more, the tumours were almost as large as his kidneys. While one side tumour was 6 centimeters in size as compared to his kidney size of 8 cms; the other side tumors was 5 cms as against the kidney size of 7.5 cms.

“When Said was brought to our hospital from Oman in the last week of January, his BP was high even on medications to control it. For four more days we put him on medication to bring down the blood pressure and finally conducted the surgery on January 29. Even during surgery, his BP was going at more than 200. For a child it is too much,” added Dr Padmakumar.
One of the tumours removed from Said's adrenal gland.

“Adrenal tumours are rare in children. And, it is even rarer for children to have bilateral tumours. Only 1 in 1 lakh patients have been reported to have bilateral,” said he.

Adrenal glands are located above the kidney on both sides and have got major function by secreting many hormones. The Pheochromocytoma affects the inner layer of the gland leading to uncontrolled secretion of Adrenalin and nor-adrenalin which cause dangerous levels of blood pressure.

“Said was prepared for surgery by our medical experts Dr Seenaj Chandran and Dr Sathyapalan. The anesthesiology team led by Dr Rajeev took care of his vitals during this complex surgery lasting for five hours,” said Dr R Padmakumar who led the surgical team that removed the tumour on both sides completely without blood loss.

KIMS Hospital doctors along with Said Ahmad Said Al Hadidi of Oman after the surgery.

Dr Madhukar Pai, Dr Khaleel, Dr Zuhail, Dr Arun and Dr Anurag were also actively involved in this major surgery with very high risk for patients life.

“Said was kept in intensive care unit for five days to counter the fall in blood pressure with medicine. Presently, he is doing well without medications for blood pressure and is fit to go back to Oman healthy,” informed Dr Padmakumar.


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